Friday, August 28, 2009


A few posts ago I wrote about it being okay to make kids wait, and I realized after commenting on another blog and saying that I'm a nanny that I need to clarify. Most of the time, I'm pretty quick to get what a kid needs. If you can take care of a need right away, go ahead. I'm just saying that you shouldn't feel terrible if one time out of twenty you cannot meet a need immediately. And as a child gets older, it's great to give them natural opportunities to practice waiting, such as explaining what you're doing that is causing the need to wait. For example, "I am putting away the dishes now; when I am done, I will make your snack." All those times that they needed something and you got it for them will reinforce that their needs will be met. Right now I take care of an eight-month-old that is not good at waiting for her bottle. The moment she sees me get the bottle out of the drawer, she starts trying to claw her way up my legs to get the bottle that...isn't even made yet. But each time we go through the same routine, with me side-stepping those sharp nails (and, admittedly, affectionately calling her Claws), she is a bit less dramatic about it (and, oh, this baby is dramatic), having gradually learned that the bottle is eventually ready to meet her waiting lips. I'd bust out some charts about development and language acquisition and understanding of time (your two-year-old has no idea what "ten minutes" means, so it's better to mark time by activity rather than chronological time), but frankly, I'm just feeling too lazy.


So the other day I read in Self Magazine that if I do 350 minutes of cardio a week, I can lose eight pounds in four weeks. Guess what's in four weeks? VACATION! So if I follow their plan, I can preemptively lose the pounds I'll gain back in delicious French pastries, kebabs, and gelato. YESSSSSS!!!!


Speaking of vacation: YOU GUYS! I'm so excited about my vacation! I know that this is, like, the twelve-thousandth time I've been to Nice, but the beauty of Nice is that there are always more things to do and explore, plus each subsequent trip allows us to get to know the city better so that we can better enjoy all it has to offer. We already know which spot has the best kebabs and what ice cream spot is the best, and my culinary goal this time is to seek out more crepes. Each time we go on an excursion to another town along the Riviera, and this time we're heading west by bicycle to Cagnes. Musee Renoir is there, so we will carry on with our custom of being nerds that visit museums on vacation. I suspect most, if not all, evenings will find us at Place Rossetti, enjoying some WiFi and some gelato. This time I'm going to try the rosemary and maybe the basil. I'll definitely go for round two of one scoop lavender, one scoop vanilla and round who-knows-anymore of one scoop hazelnut, one scoop cinnamon.

Good grief, I'm salivating already.

Four weeks! Hooray!

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