Monday, September 28, 2009

Bonjour! Nice est Bon!

Here we are in beautiful France, and of course we're loving it. And by "we" I mean "mostly me" since Jarod has jet lag and pretty much sleeps while I wander through Nice. Generally I am the one to be awake half of the night, but I think I've figured out a new strategy--no serious sleep on the plane (dozing is okay), and then do not sleep until it is night wherever I've landed. This guarantees that I am exhausted enough at bedtime that I'll sleep soundly and wake up feeling as if it's morning instead of like I should just be heading to bed. I'll admit that my bleary-eyed walk through London wasn't entirely enjoyable, but I'd much rather suffer through it and wake up raring to go the next morning than be the one who is currently conked out on the sofa.

Our apartment this time is sweet and simple, and the shower is magnificent, but overall I'd say it's my least favorite of the three we've rented here. The bed is a bit to firm for my taste, plus it is a bit short, and the sofa doesn't have arms, which has proven to be inconvenient when I'd like to lie on it and read. So I've made a makeshift ottoman of a chair and a throw pillow, but it's just not doing it for me. Additionally, we are right across the street from a (24-hour) McDonald's and right next to the tram line and the bus station. In a town where the weather is perfect, so having the windows open is desirable, this can make for noisy, smelly times. I still opt for windows open during the day, but at night the late night McDonald's crowd and the noisy automobiles are completely undesirable. I latch the windows tight and turn on the air conditioning unit, which, in addition to cooling the apartment in the absence of a breeze, also creates enough white noise to help me sleep.

When I'm out of the apartment, though, of course it's fantastic. While Jarod has been sleeping off his jet lag, I've been wandering on my own, popping in wherever I please and making questionable purchases from time to time. I'm sorry, but I just can't help buying souvenirs simply because I find them to be completely ridiculous. So far I haven't added to my la cigale* collection, but that's only because the shop selling the salt & pepper shakers was not open. Rest assured, though, that I have already procured one of the hideous kitty cat themed items on offer. It is simply spectacular, and yes, I am going to make you wait to see it. Jarod prefers to purchase sensible things like sandwiches and other edibles, while I would gladly eat the trail mix we brought along so I could bring back all the things I find to be too hilarious to leave behind (pit bull beach towels, so help me). However, since we are both on vacation and sharing the wealth, we have picked up some good food. The pain au chocolat was delicious, and I'm sure our baguette with goat cheese will not disappoint. Now, if I can just figure out how to sneak in an owl themed sweater dress when we pick up the fruit for dinner, I'll be all set.

*La cigale is French for cicada. They are considered to be lucky, and you can find all manner of Provencal items that feature the illustrious insect.

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cara said...

So close, yet so far away! One of these days/Nice trips we will meet each other and hang out and shop and laugh over the keraaaazy items I see in France. I'm so glad someone else finds them humorous as well. We're having a dinner party on Thursday night if you wanted to hitch a ride on some rich dude's yacht. I'm sure there are several leaving from the Port of Nice. :D

Je te souhaite un bon continuation de tes vacances, Mary!