Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not Crazy Enough to Start Documenting Cat Nap Schedules (Yet.)

A friend of mine recently told me that she didn't know I had three cats. This is probably because only one is completely nuts does things worth mentioning. For example, while Lucy is busy doing things like this:

laundry supervisor
Mind if I vault off your shoulder onto the closet shelf? You do mind? How about if I stare at you the whole time you're working here? Will that change your mind?

The other cats prefer to pretty much just do this:

leave us alone
Why did you wake us up? Now we're going to have to start this nap over.

I had no idea just what I was in for when I decided to make this a three cat household. Lucy eats plants. She sits on my butt while I work out. She licks plastic with wild abandon. She takes things out of my purse. She leaps to my shoulders after I shower so that she can groom my hair. She is equal parts awesome and annoying, except that the annoying parts sometimes turn into awesome. Lucy is just the cat I needed to prepare me for parenthood. With Phae's help, she's even helping break in Magnolia's nursery.

thanks for fixing up this room for us

I guess I'll keep her.

1 comment:

daysgoby said...

All your kitties are lovely, but there's something about Lucy that catches the eye....

(We have a renegade Lucy too. The two elders don't know what happened!)