Friday, September 04, 2009


This morning I took two naps, one short and one long. Now I feel like I can do anything! I called the CPA! I cried after the CPA told me he'd get the forms in the mail today! (Sufficient sleep does not prevent me from being touched by the actions of someone who is a decent human being.) I put on clothes that weren't lounge pants or pajamas! I paid bills! (Wait, that's out of order; I paid bills while still wearing pajamas.) I conquered the grocery list! I obtained enormous containers of really excellent hair care products! I picked up the kids! I checked homework! I'm making cookies! Right now! I can do anything!

(I also had an extremely large coffee. In case you couldn't tell. If I'd had two coffees, that list would have been in all caps--consider yourself spared the pain of that kind of reading.)


While mixing up the aforementioned cookies, I noted that the dough seemed a bit anemic. It was downright pale. I was a bit concerned. Then I realized that I was in the kitchen of the Standard American Diet, not my own kitchen, so not only were the whole wheat pastry flour and organic sugar replaced with the store brand bleached versions, but the eggs were not the glorious eggs of summer farm freshness to which I have become accustomed. Standard American Diet cooking is kind of depressing now that I know about the delicious alternative. Not to mention the fact that we put in some white chocolate chips, and seriously? If it's white, it's not chocolate.


I am currently enamored of very expensive rugs for our hypothetical baby's room. We were given a rug which will look very sweet in there, and I have every intention of using it, partly because it was free and partly because I want this baby's room built by love, and to put things in it that we get from people we care about seems the right way to go. However, if someone would like to gift us with this Pottery Barn rug in the 8x10 size or enough of these Flor tiles in Leaf to make a rug of a similar size, I would not say no. I would say thank you and probably do an inappropriate amount of hugging and possibly crying. So you'd have that to look forward to. Yay!

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