Friday, October 16, 2009

Aaaaand We're Back. Sort of.

Good news! The cat vomit did not kill Jarod's iPhone. Also, Jarod seems to have recovered as well. We are back in working order, just in time for me to work through much of the weekend. The one thing that seems to be missing is the type of weather that makes me want to get things done as opposed to sitting in front of the computer, drinking coffee and getting caught up on Grey's Anatomy. And Ugly Betty. And The Daily Show. Whoops! Looks like my day is full!

There's a lot going on and a lot of nothing going on. Life cycles back into the normal, in which a range of daily chores and special projects keeps us busy. We miss our friends that we haven't seen since we got back, and if that's you in that bunch, know that seeing you is at the top of our list of desirable activities. From the bottom of my little introvert heart, I thank you in advance for forgiving me for not being in touch just yet. I've needed this week to get back into the groove of things, but I also need all of you. I have this little fantasy in which some of you come along on our next vacation. You will, won't you? I hope your answer is yes.

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