Tuesday, October 06, 2009

As Previously Mentioned

It occurred to me while I was showering that I mentioned in my last post that we'd been taking video on this trip, but I didn't actually give you links to any of the videos. I've posted links to those videos pretty much everywhere except my blog, so if you follow me anywhere else on the internet, you've probably seen them. If you don't follow me anywhere else on the internet, I apologize for the oversight. Here is a list of links, in chronological order.

Apartment Tour

First Gelato Report

Climbing the Rope Playground...Thing

Second Gelato Report

Bike Ride to Cagnes-sur-Mer (loooong, features my back side)

Third Gelato Report

Fourth Gelato Report

Fifth (and final) Gelato Report (with bonus footage!)

Hampton Court Palace

The River Thames!

SQUIRRELS! (also pigeons, but who cares about them)

We've got a bunch more, but the guy that's in charge of editing and posting them is tired or something. It's not like we walked all the way from Waterloo, to Buckingham Palace, through Hyde Park (the longest way possible, as is our custom), up to Paddington Station, and then back to Waterloo today. Oh, wait, I guess we did. It's like I'm attempting to win an award for most miles covered on foot in order to avoid paying for transportation. Jarod's a pretty great sport about it, even when I spend that money we saved on coffee. Or on items for our hypothetical baby. Of all of us, Magnolia has the most souvenirs from this trip, and she might not even exist yet. Oh, well. What can I do?

Nothing, that's what.

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