Thursday, October 01, 2009

Utter Silliness

We've always got plenty of photographic evidence of what we do outside the apartment on vacation, and this year we've even got video for the internet to see. But we rarely take photos of what we do inside the apartment because, well, you'd be bored to tears to watch us doing it. However, I find that many people enjoy a good re-enactment, so here it is. Meet Meringue Escargot, a delightful treat that enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners, and re-enacting the dull activities of humans on vacation in the South of France. (Respond to Box 3382 if you like bubble baths, foot massages, and egg whites laced with sugar.)

Every morning, Meringue Escargot sleeps in until at least 11am, closer to noon if he's feeling particularly worn out by all that gelato.

meringue escargot sleeps in

When his snail feet finally hit the floor, he shuffles into the kitchen to make himself some tea, then settles in with a good book. He's almost done reading The Poisonwood Bible, and he highly recommends it, even though it was one of those dreadful Oprah Book Club selections.

meringue escargot enjoys reading and a cup of tea

Once he tires of reading, if the computer is free, he checks his e-mail. He wishes he'd get messages from someone other than Buca di Beppo and, but he's not complaining.

meringue escargot checks email

Once he's saved any good coupons from Buca (free dessert is his favorite--who doesn't like a giant bowl of tiramisu?) and signed a few online petitions urging his elected officials to pass healthcare reform, he simply enjoys the view.

meringue escargot thinks of nothing of consequence while enjoying the view

It's good to be a cloudlike dessert vacationing in France. Well, until someone gets hungry...

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