Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Convenience Wins

Tonight I cooked dinner for my husband. I made a frozen pizza. Um. Yes. When I decreased my work hours, I stopped putting frozen pizzas in the freezer because I figured it would force me to cook if I knew there wasn't any sort of insanely easy backup plan. And while I have been cooking a good deal more now that I'm working less, lately the cooking has mostly been for dinners outside our home, and usually it's a dish or two that are sides or desserts. Even if there are leftovers, it's just mashed potatoes or salted brown butter crispy treats or something that isn't exactly a meal unto itself. So until the holidays are over, I'll be putting pizzas in the freezer just in case. I realize that there are other quick meals, but for us pizza seems to be the best option for two tired people who have been busy all day (or for one whose wife has left him to fend for himself for the evening), so there you have it. Thank you, Whole Foods, for the delicious frozen meals.

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