Thursday, November 05, 2009

Diet Schmiet

All week long I've been eating better than usual. I hate to call it a diet since I really don't believe in dieting as is often defined by the American public, but I do believe in eating better to be more fit, which is what some people call a diet, so...conundrum. My good food to free-for-all-with-chocolates cycle usually goes like this:

1. Eat really, really, really well.
2. Start to add back in treats, but still eat mostly healthy food, including defined meals (healthy breakfast, lunch, AND dinner).
3. Get busy, feel like I can't be bothered by preparing actual food, slowly slide into a mix of coffee and sweet snacks, sweet snacks and coffee.
4. Get sick of it and return to the beginning.

I've returned to the beginning, and I'm still in the phase where it's pretty much awesome. This time, though, I'm making some changes to see if I can prolong my time at #2 and put of the slide to #3 for longer than usual. Ultimately, I'd like to be at #2 all of the time, but I know myself, and I recognize that the spiral to #3 may well happen again eventually. Still, I feel like I should do something a little differently in the #1 phase before trying to hit my stride at #2. So even though I am trying to eat healthy food all the time, if a friend calls for coffee or a family I am working for buys lunch out, instead of saying no, I'm just being wiser about what I get. A tall instead of a grande. No cheese or sour cream when I know that good guacamole will satisfy me just as well. So far, so good. As I head into the holidays, I'll get a better sense of how I'm doing. I figure if I can make it through all the holiday gathering without either eschewing all treats or going full-on hog wild with the cheesy casseroles and desserts, that bodes well for my future balance.

I do find that it is good to go into the holiday season with a lot of practice at moderation and a renewed sense of how well I feel when I eat well. I'm not good at willpower, but practice and proper motivation do me a world of good. I'll let you know how it goes.

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