Friday, November 20, 2009

Help! I Need Somebody!

As many of you know, Jarod and I are working on opening a Storenvy shop to fundraise for our adoption. It will include various handmade goods and also t-shirts and tote bags with our Finding Magnolia logo on them. I've got a basic design down for the shirts/bags, but it lacks a certain something. Like awesomeness. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to improve upon our current design. The basics need to remain the same. In particular, on the design that includes the Africa outline, the flower needs to be in that spot because that's where Ethiopia is. I'd prefer to stick to a single ink color for printing, but two or three colors would be fine if it makes the design extra super awesome. So here we go:

Text only design, for shirts:

finding magnolia text design

Africa outline design for shirts and tote bags:

finding magnolia africa design

Also, if you care to weigh in on shirt and bag colors, please do. We'll do girlie shirts and unisex shirts.

If your design is chosen, I will not only be forever grateful to you, but I will also bake you something delicious and either deliver it personally or ship it (depending on your location, of course).

Now get to it! I need you!

I almost forgot! E-mail designs to me at marymuses at gmail dot com.


Janette Crawford said...

But... I LIKE these! Especially the first one. You did a lovely job of making typical typography look interesting and sweet. My two cents. :)

marymuses said...

Well, thank you, Janette. I guess if no one sends me anything better I will use these and give you the baked goods. :)