Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Next Day

I have finally showered and changed...into a fresh set of pajamas. Many people own clothes for lounging around the house, but my categories include only Clothes for Leaving the House, Clothes for Various Workouts, and Pajamas for Night or Anytime. I tried to be one of those people who could throw on some yoga pants and a random t-shirt and feel good about leaving the house like that, even if I'm not going to yoga, but that's just not who I am. I love pajamas and I love getting dressed, and there's not much in between for me. So if I'm staying home, I'm wearing pajamas. If I'm going out, I'm putting together an outfit to suit the situation.

Unless, of course, I'm staying in for my own birthday party. Then I'm putting together an outfit, complete with accessories.

The great benefit to having my birthday celebration in my own home was that at the end of the night, we were already where we needed to be. I woke up this morning to leftover snacks (another fabulous benefit) and a quiet house that still held the remnants of last night's joy. It is good to be at home. As much as I desire to become a renter, I do love our little house.* We've put a lot of thought and care and hard work into it, and we have finally reached the point of having enough things done to feel like the house is put together and presentable. How perfect to have a reason to vacuum all the cat hair fluffs and hunker down for the evening. I am truly grateful for all the friends who came over with their snacks and their gifts and simply themselves. Our house was warm with the presence of so many good folks. (Warm enough, in fact, to have to turn on the air conditioning--in November--to keep our guests comfortable.) I think this may be my favorite birthday so far.

Today I have taken the day just to be. With so many projects to do, it is hard to sit still and slow down and rest, but I've been needing a day like this for a long time, and I'd be foolish not to take advantage of a cancelled meeting and an empty, quiet space. Tomorrow I will return to the to-do list with renewed vigor, but today...well, today is just for me. And I am grateful.

*So if anyone would like to purchase our house and rent it to us, that would be perfect. There are a few small projects that need to be done. Surely you won't mind retiling the tub area and putting in the patio?

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