Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So You'd Rather Not Work Out

But you feel like you should. That slice of delicious Murray's ice cream cake in your stomach and those milk chocolate discs you ate on a whim this afternoon are talking about vacationing on your waistline, and you think you might want to work them off so you can still button your trousers. Worry not! I have a solution! Follow these easy step to become motivated:

1. In the springtime, when hope is springing eternal and you've forgotten what cold feels like, have the nice man who is installing your new energy-saving thermostat program the HEAT setting to Should Be Wearing a Sweater for daytime hours and Should Be Crawling Under a Down Comforter While Still Wearing That Sweater for the night hours. You know, to save energy! After all, you can always put on a sweater and/or snuggle under a down comforter when it gets cold, right? Right!

2. Forget where you put the instructions for reprogramming the thermostat.

3. Come home from dinner with friends and put on your summer workout wear. We're talking shorts and sports bra for ladies, just shorts for men. The key here is plenty of exposed skin.

4. Begin to shiver. Violently.

5. Hit play on the workout DVD because anything seems better than being that cold.

And you've done it! Now you just have to make the transition from "I'm feeling warm now" to "I'll keep going even though I'm warm and I hate pushups." Good luck, and may your abs be grateful for the extra attention.

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