Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Try, Fail, Try Again

So my plan to eat exceptionally healthy meals nearly all the time until Thanksgiving has run into some trouble, mainly because a) I made pumpkin bread yesterday because an old friend of my family was coming over to help us with financial type stuff, b) last night the family I work for most regularly forced me to eat steak and potatoes (I said a very weak, "No, I had a late lunch, really," to which they replied, "No, you're eating, you have to eat," and I did not argue further), c) today was the second Tuesday of the month, which meant I took the big kids out for breakfast, and far be it from me to order a vegetable egg white omelet and whole wheat toast, and d) since the day was blown already, I just went ahead and got a grande iced mocha. It's not all bad, though. They love me at Starbucks, so not only did they *ahem* accidentally charge me too little for my drink, they also slipped me a little something free. Also, the two pounds I lost last week remain gone, putting me back within spitting distance of what I consider the low side of my normal (although just barely), so I say a big WHATEVS and purpose to cut out the sugar tomorrow. I have the good snacks in my bag; I just need a chance to use them.

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