Saturday, December 26, 2009


We are slowly digging out from under the weight of Christmas. A white Christmas means a tougher time getting where you want to go, and thus a longer day. While we certainly enjoyed ourselves, we were both exhausted and relieved at the end of everything. We sat on our sofa, glassy-eyed. And then this morning we both got up and went to work.

Perhaps the best Christmas present I received was the snow; for reasons that are boring and complicated, I didn't have to be to work until 7:30am today (the usual is 6:30am). The extra hour did me right, and I didn't feel like I needed to pin my eyes open in order to make it to Starbucks. Best of all, Saturday is the day that I get to do as I please with the little lady I take care of. Not that this means we're running wild; rather, we are content to go to our usual places and end up at my house for lunch and naptime. While she sleeps, I clear the clutter, start some laundry, make some lists. I think about what I want for 2010, and I make a list for that, too.

Some of my goals for 2010 may seem a bit controversial, depending on who is reading and what is read into my plans. I'd like to read a couple of religious texts, neither of which belongs to the faith that I ascribe to. I've found myself frustrated lately by how much people assume they know and how little they actually know. I include myself in that group of people. In the interest of being better informed, I'll be reading both the Book of Mormon and the Qur'an. Particularly in the case of the latter book, I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about what it says or does not say, and I'd like to know what is true and what is not. In an age of e-mail forwards and tea party madness, I'd like to be well informed, and not just by the internet.

The other goals for 2010 are not really goals at all, just things I'd like to do. I'd love to bring home a daughter, but I don't know if that will happen, so perhaps there is a goal hidden there, and that goal is to be at peace with whatever happens, as it happens. I will make a lot more handmade goods, as many as my budget allows. I got this book for Christmas (thanks, Tabor and Drew!) and plan to make both bags inside, hopefully out of oilcloth or other easily-wiped-clean material. (Check out the selection at Hart's Fabric, and just try to tell me I won't have a hard time deciding which to use.) Finally, I'd like to purchase the large items we'll need for Magnolia; even if she doesn't arrive in 2010, having her crib and dresser will be a load off my mind.

What about you? What are your post-holiday/2010 plans?

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Jennifer said...

Mary McBride.
Love you some more.
Chris TOLD me to comment on this, as I read it aloud o him, he said, SEE! That gives me hope for humanity! Tell her I give her a two big thumbs up!
That is his personal irk. He actually *just* finished shredding some Muslim bashers on a CBC forum. Pretty funny. He does that a lot. It's a past-time of his.

I too, am happy to hear this. I will be coming to you with questions, now, that's the only problem. I get so torn with all the crap you hear, and not reeeally knowing how to argue one way or the other without feeling my own perspective being appropriately educated (although I felt sufficiently confident to reem out a couple senders of extremely uncool emails!!)... I'm preaching to the choir, I know.

And the Hart's fabrics? I actually looked through them all and OH my goodness. For me, the decision would not only be difficult, it would require an act of God. My brain would retreat long the arrival of any resolution to the question. Too many utterly fantastic options.
I`ll pray for you. ;)

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