Sunday, December 06, 2009

The First Craft of Christmas

I now totally get why people who sew often devote an entire room in their home to that pursuit. I still am a bit confused about the devoted-solely-to-scrapbooking rooms, but whatever. It is unlikely that I will ever be a scrapbooker, so I will remain confused and let the scrapbookers do what they must. But with sewing, there's just so much stuff. The fabric is only the beginning, and then come the notions and trims and interfacing and batting and good grief, maybe I need a whole room with it's own walk-in closet. I would also like a large table of the size and height used to cut the fabric at the fabric store. So basically now I'm looking at turning my whole house into an enormous craft room. We will have to sleep in the basement, with the spiders I disturbed while getting out sewing supplies.

What I really enjoy about sewing is how customizable everything is. Most patterns offer options, and even if they don't, you get to choose your fabrics. Pretty much the whole thing is a bit of a pain, honestly, but in the end, when there's something like this?

first holiday craft project--COMPLETE!

It's pretty worth it. Granted, I could maaaaaybe have chosen something without pleats and had a far more positive experience overall, but we'll save that for my next pattern purchase. For now, I've got three more of those suckers and a whole wad of pot holders to turn out, not to mention the non-sewing crafts.

Next year, I will begin holiday preparations in May.

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