Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'll Have to Have My Husband Install a Button

Oh, these days are full. Yesterday I had every intention of getting all the rest of the handmade goods photographed and put in our Finding Magnolia Storenvy shop, but I was too busy being confused to make that happen, and after that I was busy doing something else, and after that I was busy working, and after that I was finishing up some Christmas crafts while the holiday season is still young. Still, it's OPEN! Just handmade cards so far, and not even all of them that I've made (see: difficulty completing task of photographing products), but you can click here and go on and get some if you want some. (You might want some; I'm told they're nice.) Even better, if you join Storenvy, you can also follow our store so that you'll know when we get new products photographed and ready to go. Coming soon(ish): Original art by Corey McGhee! Kid-sized shirts with art by a kid artist! Adorable baby beanies from Erica! The cutest aprons ever from Nicole! Potholders once I get around to making them! Aaaaaaaand: Official Finding Magnolia tees and tote bags!

Also coming soon(ish): a button in the sidebar that you can click to get over to our store. I'm sure I could put it there myself, but I'll save that task for someone who's much quicker at it than I am.


EDITED TO ADD: Hey, look! My husband installed a button! Look to the left! Now click it! Wasn't that satisfying?

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