Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It Happened Tonight

It was a surprise attack, as usual, out of nowhere. Two threw his blanket over his head and One's head and they both hit the ground, hard. There was an audible THWACK! of body part against wood floor. I raced over, swooped Two into the time out chair with a stern admonishment about tackling little sisters, then looked over One. She was on the bottom, so I assumed it was her body part that made the sound. But she was fine. Pissed about it, but fine. As the hysterics abated, I turned to speak calmly to him about why we can't do that and please apologize and give a kiss, I know you didn't mean to, All over his face, dripping down onto his red shirt. Handy that I put him in that color today, I now think. But then I only panicked, not knowing just where the blood was coming from. In better light, gently swabbing away all the red, red, flowing red, I found it. A neat split of skin, right between his eyes. A missing cell phone, a press of a wrong button, a parent walking into the house just as his phone began to ring from my call, and it was all over from my end.

Three hours and four stitches later, he was fine. He got a new toy car and carried in one of his dad's special footballs from the car. His dad said, "It's all part of being a boy." Two pointed to his band-aid and the anklet they put on as his ID at the hospital. He is fine. No one blames me.

But still, my inner Nervous Nellie still feels a little bit shaken.

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