Thursday, December 17, 2009

Needed: To Do List Editor

When I write my to do lists, I need someone to stand over me, to hover, really, and say things like, "You're doing what during the half an hour you're home?" and "It does take time to do things like pee." Because I am consistently overly optimistic about what I can accomplish in a given amount of time, and I never, ever, ever think about the fact that I might need to, I don't know, take off my coat or use the bathroom or put away the groceries. In fact, thanks to overlooking these sorts of things, I've got three bags half full of non-perishables sitting on the kitchen floor and I've needed to visit the ladies' room ever since I walked in the door but haven't. I can do it later! I must conquer this list!

But instead what I have when I am making my list is usually someone who is short and thinks that they need a "turn" with the "pen! pen! PEN! MY PEN?" Today a little fellow leaned over so quickly to observe the movement of pen on paper that he poked himself in the eye without even getting to take his "turn? my turn? pen?" and was sorely disappointed that even though the object had injured him, he still wouldn't get his turn.

Maybe what I really need is to hang out with realistically minded grown-ups more often.

You know, besides the baristas at Starbucks.

Or in addition to. I think in addition to would be nice.

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Jennifer said...

Yes yes! In addition to!
I was cracking up laughing at the pen thing. because of COURSE my short people are the same. (who am I to call someone short?)
anyway, I desperately need some grown up friends to hang out with. Still hoping that for us, although March is looking less good now that my dad found out today he is NOT moving to Kansas City, lost deposit on his house there etc. stinko.
So me coming, no coming, dunno. Stinko.

wv: ousti : another trendy word modulation|combination between ousted and outtie like, ''my plans to go to Kansas City got ousti''