Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pet Peeeeeeve

When people say, "Wait until you have kids!" with that tone, the one that insinuates that I just don't know what I'll be getting into, it really chaps my hide. I am not calling any one person out, but family members do tend to be the worst about this. I work with kids, people. I know a lot about them. I have been with them at every hour of the day and sometimes overnight. I am a childcare professional. I know about the tiny people!

In particular, I would like to point out that, yes, I understand that children like brightly colored plastic toys that typically use size C batteries. This does not mean that we will eventually succumb to buying our children these toys, even if they like them, particularly when they are small*. I know! So mean! But look: We are weird. In particular, I am weird, and I am dragging my husband right along with my weird self on this. I have witnessed children in the throes of joy while playing with a hideous blinking, artificial-music-making monstrosity. I've also witnessed them in the throes of joy playing with tupperware and a whisk. Guess which one I am going to pick?**

This is not just about how annoying I think kids' toys can be. It's not just a selfish wish for only beautiful things in my home (though, yes, that does factor in). It's about a larger philosophy of child-rearing. It's about wanting to create an atmosphere of exploration and imagination and creativity. It's about slower living and purposeful parenting that reflects what we value and believe. And it's about the way I choose to make our home. I want our daughter to grow up in a place of comfort and peace and joy. I'm sure there will be many compromises made along the way, but when it comes to our core principles***, we will stand our ground.

*We are not technology-averse, obviously, and we also understand that our children's preferences will differ from ours as they grow. We plan to make informed decisions, considering every angle, not just if our child really really really really likes it please please please everyone else has one. We will sometimes buy things for them that we don't really love, but we also reserve the right to say no. In any case, we hope to have indoctrinated them well enough that they won't like all the really awful stuff anyway.

**I also plan on making felt food and providing our child(ren) with a variety of Waldorf-inspired toys. You can roll your eyes as much as you want, but just wait until you see the felt grapes I'm going to be making. You are going to be exceedingly jealous.

**We are hippie weirdo tree hugging bleeding heart liberal freaks. We don't do things the way most people do them. We are sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but we are not sorry that we do it. We love being hippie weirdo tree hugging bleeding heart liberal freaks!

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Liz said...

Good for you!

I got rid of my TV earlier this year - I don't want to pay for cable, and with the conversion to digital I wasn't going to be able to get any reception anyway. People look at me cross-eyed when I tell them that, and one person even asked me how I could have a child without a TV! Somehow I think we'll manage...