Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Always Look on the Bright Side of Your Life

I have decided that it should be known to the population at large that I do not like it when people voice negative what-if scenarios. I am good enough at that on my own, and have commenced being busy coating my nagging worries with positivity. You don't need to sprinkle on some doom; if you think I am not acquainted with the fact that things don't always go as planned, then you are probably new, and I forgive you. I know that you have good intentions at heart, that you don't want me to get my hopes up or expect things to be great and then be disappointed, but honestly? I prefer hoping and dreaming, and if things fall apart a little bit, I can handle it.

That said:

Last night we got our I-171H, which is our clearance from U.S. immigration and also the last piece of paper for our dossier, in the mail. Our favorite notary notarized it last night, I got is state certified first thing this morning, and the whole thing got sent off to our agency via FedEx prior to noon. We are done, we have managed this Herculean task, it is all wonderful and beautiful and unicorns are pooping rainbows.

2010 is our year, people.

I can just feel it.

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