Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

That song has been stuck in my head all day, but there's a reason why. Since last summer I have felt suspended, confused, anxious, unable to get my head around all that needed to happen to simply make life work. I was a little bit frozen in some ways, and I'm still thawing out. But last night I cleaned up the kitchen before I went to bed, and this morning I unloaded the dishwasher while my coffee brewed, and I realized that I'm back. Or better. Or something. The part of me that couldn't keep up has released her death grip on the to do list. It's a relief, honestly. This past week I've gotten back to what is important to me, at least in the matters of daily living. I get enough rest. I don't gulp down Starbucks just to try to stay awake, but because I want it and will enjoy drinking it (which has lessened the number of trips there quite a lot). I work out five to six days a week, and I like it. I feel better and lighter and more free. I don't think there's a better time to embark on a journey about dreaming.

Soon you'll see a button for Mondo Beyondo in the sidebar. It's an online class about dreaming big, and I have been looking forward to it for a month now, or possibly my whole life. Perhaps it was just my interpretation, but the message I've come away with from so many people for most of my life is one that says to be practical and to not expect too much and to remember to be selfless always, which probably means never doing something you really want to do simply because you want to do it. There was no room for trusting what was in my heart simply because it was there. But now I'm ready to do that, and I think this class is going to help immensely.

Giddyup, let's go. To the Mondo and Beyondo!!!

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