Monday, January 18, 2010

Brand New? In Our House? REALLY?

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I have an exciting and shocking announcement to make to you. We bought a new sofa today. NEW. As in, not off the side of the road and given a half-assed makeover before I gave up and called it shabby with a tiny side of chic. No, really. NEW. I realize this is a surprise to many of you, but it's true. I have been won over by a sofa.

I do have conflicting feelings about this, given my bargain-hunting tendencies, but the truth is that I just couldn't find anything on Craigslist that even remotely fit our budget and my taste, let alone that I wasn't a little wary of putting in our home because it's fabric and stuffing and who knows what could be lurking ohmygoodness. I feel guilty about the purchase mainly because we are saving for our adoption and who buys a new couch when they are supposed to be saving money for their adoption?

Well, probably people who have a third hand couch whose cushions are so worn that each has been turned over to conceal a major flaw, and do you know how many times you can turn over a cushion to conceal a major flaw? Just once. No, really. Only one time. I know, I was shocked and dismayed, too.

The sofa we have is actually a good, comfortable sofa, and I'm sure that someone who is handy with reupholstering can do something really fabulous with it. It's just that I'm not that person. Maybe I could be in another phase of life with a lot more time on my hands, but that's not now. I had to get over that and just let it go, and now we are going to have a new couch in our house.

Is that weird or what?

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