Monday, February 01, 2010

Shiny and New

Isn't she pretty? Her name is Carmen.

her name is carmen

Much to my shock, I was able to help move both our old, crusty couch and Carmen. Jarod and I hoisted both through the front door with minimal issues. I guess those workout videos are effective. Who knew?

You might also notice something else shiny and new, which is this here blog thing. I hope you like it; I did it just for you. I kind of miss the doughnut photo, but not really. This suits me much better. After all, I'd rather eat doughnuts than look at them. Wouldn't you?


daysgoby said...

Carmen and your new blog are both fabulous!

Jennifer said...

YAY! ToTALLY Love it! Of course! it is fantastic, and I hated suffering sugar cravings after every blog visit. this is WAY better. Stimulates the beauty and the ultra-cool visual needs I have. Now I will want to come more, just to look at it! I wish I was handy enough to make mine cool like this. Oh well. Everyone is stuck with the ONE semi-arty pic I pretty much ever took.