Thursday, February 04, 2010


Mostly I find that lately I'm tired and somewhat unreasonable. Not that I didn't want to eat brownies for breakfast before, but right now I'm not only planning on it for tomorrow's bright start to the day, but wondering how many might be appropriate. Maybe half a dozen, if they're small? I also plan to drink a veritable vat of coffee. Decaf, though, so I don't experience a crash later. And I fully intend to wear my pajamas until it's time to workout. I might leave the pants on for the workout, but that remains to be seen.

What's going on around here is tedious, but not the end of the world, at least not yet. And it's not even happening directly to me, so that's a know, for me. Sorry to the rest of you suckers! I'll continue to be vague about this, but I will offer that more than one person who is close to me is experiencing upheaval of some sort or another, and my job in all of this is to be available to be supportive in whatever way possible. My energy has been so intensely focused on these needs that I find I have very little patience for anyone else. My introversion is bursting at the seams, asking me if it might be nice to have a vacation somewhere tropical, all by myself, and I can only offer the relief of ending non-essential phone calls as soon as possible and reservung my energies for where they are most needed. So if you are someone I've cut off mid-sentence during a phone call, or if you feel like I'm brushing you off, please don't take it to heart. I'm just trying to take the part of me that is available to people and make it most available to those who really need me. When this is all said and done and worked out, I promise we'll get coffee and chat or do whatever it is we do when I am not needing the occasional solace of my own quiet company.

Thank you for standing by.

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