Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

Every Tuesday I now have a standing date with Old Lady Mary, a woman with a disheveled air about her, a fear of the toilet, and a heart of gold. For some reason, she has decided that I look like a model, and as I do not like to disappoint, I now do my best to put together an outfit worthy of her delusions. I have rarely been disappointed by her reaction to what I'm wearing, and have decided to document both what I wear each Tuesday and her thoughts on my apparel. Here's what I wore today:

tuesday, february 9, 2010

Old Lady Mary looooves holidays, and I knew that she would have a handmade construction paper valentine for me, so I should have an outfit worthy of the holiday for her. The red blazer was easy, and the heart wellies were an easy call, and beyond that I just had to put on pants and accessories. Naturally, a heart earrings and necklace were in order, and the jeans were both clean and easy to tuck into the boots, so that was that.

The whole thing was a hit. She even asked to see the lining of the jacket (also red, with white leaves) and kept leaning down to look more closely at the boots. It seemed to delight her that I own boots with hearts, and I left with the directive to wear them every single day this week.


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