Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

It's Tuesday, and that only means one thing: I picked out a special outfit to wear to visit my friend Mary.

tuesday, february 16, 2010

I wore a coat for the photo today because my time was limited today, and I didn't plan on taking it off while I was visiting. Even though I had the coat and a turtleneck sweater on, she was still worried that I'd underdressed. Considering that she wears a stocking cap well into July, I probably shouldn't have been surprised. She kept tugging at the coat and saying, "This isn't very thick. Are you sure you're warm?" I got more mother hen talk than compliments today, which was a shame because do you see that hat? I really feel like she should have commented on that. I blame myself, really, putting on so many things to look at when I knew she'd be fretting about the cold. I'm hoping for warmer weather next week. And when it's spring? This is going to be a full on party. I've got dresses you've never even seen, and oh, I can't wait to dress like Mary's fabled "summer birds."

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