Monday, March 29, 2010

Make it Work Monday: Drink More Water

Let's face it: you don't drink enough water. Neither do I. And you've probably read a ton of articles about how much you need and how to make sure you get it. They'll tell you to always keep water with you and drink at least eight glasses a day. Has this worked for you? It hasn't worked for me. I get busy, and I forget to drink a glass of water from time to time or something else seems more important or the water is simply too far away. Here's what I'm doing that works:

Every time I'm hungry, I have a glass of water while I figure out what to eat. Then I have a glass of water with whatever I eat.

This works for me because if I am looking for something to eat, I'm likely in the kitchen, and it's easy to just grab a cup of water first thing, then refill it when I get my food. If I'm out of the house and am going to get something to eat at a purveyor of fine foods*, it's pretty simple to order a glass of water along with the food, even if I'm also ordering another drink**. Of course in this instance, I'd only get one glass, but most places will give you a big glass if you ask nicely.

And that's it! Simple, no?

*We all know I'm talking about buying a pastry at Starbucks.
**We all also know that I'm talking about coffee.

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