Monday, March 08, 2010

Make it Work Monday: Sometimes You Just Give Up

I'm all about self improvement and doing things differently and better as we go along, but I'd like to take this moment, when I am feeling overwhelmed with the stuff of life, to tell you that sometimes making life work simply means taking the night or the week or the month off from making an effort. Sometimes it's okay to tell everyone that you won't be cooking dinner after all, even if part of what you've been purposing to do better is to eat well at home. If you have money, the fix here is to order in. If not, the fix is to make yourself some toast and tell the other people to forage for whatever they can find.

One thing I've discovered along the way is that there are some things about myself that I cannot change, and making life work better is all about working with and around those things. Right now the thing I am working around is that I am an introvert who has had far too little time to herself lately. It is better not just for me but for everyone I come into contact with if I do not wear myself out further by doing unnecessary tasks. You know, like making dinner.

Take the night off, everybody. You deserve it.

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