Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh, Nothing. Nevermind.

I had written something else entirely, but instead I would like to say just these things:

1. I am not complaining about a good many things I would like very much to be complaining about, and as nice and transformative and positive as that sounds, I really am not enjoying growing as a person in this way.

2. I am doing more adoption related paperwork, this time for grant applications. I believe I am doing a terrible job, and therefore they will not give us any money.

3. I am tired in ways I can't explain. See #1 for lack of details.

If you think of me, send thoughts of relief my way. I do find it's true that every time I think I'm going to lose it completely, there is just enough of whatever I need to get me through. So that's good, I think.

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