Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Way Late Edition

Of course I saw Old Lady Mary on Tuesday, and of course I took a photo of the outfit, and of course I...totally dropped the ball.

tuesday, march 23, 2010

I'm going to start doing Tuesdays with Old Lady Mary bit differently; because I add a description on Flickr, including where I got all the items, I'll just remind you to click on the photo for details. So click on the photo for details!


In other news, there is no other news. Life rolls on as usual, with my usual being that my schedule is different every week. In theory, each family has me work the same schedule each week, but life is busy for everyone, so there's always at least one family that needs to change something up. I am handling this*, but very much looking forward to a time when so much work won't be necessary, whenever that might be.

*By eating pastries at Starbucks.


white girl said...

You are SO cute. It's a fact.

I admire you for being so flexible with schedule changes. I have a hard time with it. I take a lot of time to really consciously think through that it's okay to change the schedule and I don't need to be stressed out. Like today, for instance, a friend called to ask me to teach her to bake a pie. I'm all set in my mind to teach her pie making tomorrow at 4. Just 10 minutes ago, she called to say that she doesn't have the time for pie making tomorrrow, is there something quicker she could learn this week and could we do it at 9:30 in the morning? I wish I had Starbucks pastries to turn to. Ooo! Maybe I should find some of those "just like Starbucks" recipes and use those for my lessons that get changed. hee!

Also funny? The word verification is fulas. Fulla is the Arabic barbie. haha Funny to me, probably not to you.

marymuses said...

The thing is that I'm really NOT that flexible with schedule changes. I pretty much complain in my mind the whole time and have to sleep extra on my days off to recover from the stress! the terrible stress! I would LOVE IT if nothing ever changed at the last minute, and I totally identify with having to consciously think through being okay with a change in the schedule.

You definitely should find some "just like Starbucks" recipes. Rewarding yourself with a delicious treat every time you change your schedule and don't throw a fit about it will help you adjust more quickly to changes over time. It will also make your trousers fit a bit tight, but who cares! Starbucks-like pastries for everyone!

timsamoff said...

Ok -so I really did see a little girl at the park wearing that cardigan and wished they had it in a bigger size! I do not judge you Mary! Julianna :)

marymuses said...

Julianna, thank you for not judging. When someone compliments this sweater and asks where I got it, I always feel a little sheepish. But it's so cute--how could I have passed it up? I couldn't have.