Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

My work hours have changed somewhat, and I am now working Tuesday afternoons, but I decided to keep seeing Old Lady Mary on Tuesdays, just in the morning now instead of the afternoon.

tuesday, march 2, 2010

Last time I wore this skirt, Mary asked if I were getting fat, so I was a little wary today and even chose a more slimming shirt to make the point that no, I am not getting fat right now. She didn't say a word to that effect, but instead declared as I walked in, "Why you're dressed like a summer bird!" I pointed out that my coat was still wool, albeit shorter, and that I was still wearing long sleeves and tights. She would have none of it. Apparently, if I'm wearing anything other than boots and a long, thick coat, I am in summer bird territory. I wonder what she'll call me when I'm really dressed for summer?

The bracelets I'm wearing got rave reviews thanks to a little bird charm on the pink one, but this quickly led to what must have been at least ten stories about things that happened when she was feeding the birds or on her way to feed the birds or meeting people who, as it turns out, also feed birds. I've heard most of these stories before, but she enjoys telling them, and it's certainly better than when she is highlighting the ways her life is full of trouble, so I'll take it. Bird stories for everyone!

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