Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

It's always the things I don't care about that impress Mary. For instance, today she looooved the jacket I was wearing, but of course I did not take a photo with it on because it was not part of my official ensemble.

tuesday, march 9, 2010

She gave a brief nod to the spring colors, but didn't even notice my adorable Camper Twins. She spent all her time talking about how she was the first one to say I was just like a model, and no one else can lay claim to that because she said it first. First! She told Nicole and Carrie and no one else said it first! Yes, yes, Mary, FIRST! GOT IT.

Life with Old Lady Mary is a bit like listening to a broken record. But still I'm going to wear those shoes again next week and hope she notices.

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