Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

As I was getting dressed today, I thought, "It's kind of like spring out there; I can probably wear a spring-ish cardigan and have bare legs." But then I looked at the temperature and considered that I'd get an earful from Old Lady Mary for dressing like a summerbird, so I put on something warmer. It was too cold to go bare-legged, and I thanked Mary when I saw her for being concerned for my warmth, as it was more the possibility of a lecture than the temperature that made up my mind.

tuesday, march 16, 2010

Before I left, I took a photo of just the outfit without the jacket on top, but Mary caressed the lining and exclaimed over its perfection with such joy that I had to come home and take one with the jacket on. Mary is in love with this jacket, apparently, though I did also get high marks for the sweater, which is black and features a bit of red, which she reminds me each week is her favorite color combination. I've got a fine idea for what I'll wear next week, all red and black and some argyle to boot. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really hope it's cool enough next Tuesday to wear tights.

I know, I know. If my wish comes true, feel free to despise me for the day. I'll deserve your ire.

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