Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary


tuesday, march 30, 2010

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In other news, today is perfect. I kind of gave myself blisters in those shoes by walking around the Plaza in them, but it was just so beautiful out that I didn't care. I had a surprise work day yesterday which meant that I got today off, and all the stress of having to show up at work on a day I thought I had free has melted away in the goodness of this day. I'm wearing pants that haven't fit this comfortably for ages. My visit with Old Lady Mary was sublime. My talk with my good friend that lives around the corner was encouraging and thought provoking. The tights I bought on sale at Anthropologie filled a gaping hole in my wardrobe. And finally, Johnnie Boden sent me an e-mail saying that everything in his shop was on sale for me, with free shipping and free returns, so I took a deep breath and ordered the coat I've been stalking (in purple).

I am home now, with my house shoes on (yes, I am your grandmother), doing laundry and getting ready to bake cookies and do dishes and make an actual meal. No carrots and hummus and pretzels for dinner tonight! Jamie Cullum is singing to me from the computer. Life is rocking and rolling right along. I love it.

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