Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lazyass Gardening: Sloth Takes Over

Last year I around this time, I made the executive decision, as chief gardener and the only one who really cared, to embark on a season of lazyass gardening. Or so I thought. Oh, I didn't know the half of my inclination to just let things go.

This year, I decided that none of the vegetables in my upper garden yield well enough to bother at all. Forget about planting seeds; I'm turning it into a strawberry patch. The one strawberry plant I planted last year has returned with a dozen friends, and if there's one thing I like, it's a plant that spreads on its own and produces fruit that can be made into jam. I transplanted Original Strawberry and all his friends to the hastily de-tarped and raked upper garden, gave them the tiniest drink of water, and tucked them in with last year's grass clippings. I added three plants I bought this morning at the farmer's market for good measure, and that was that. I'll have Jarod continue to spread grass clippings around the plants when he mows, and if there are strawberries, I'll pick them. If it gets dry and I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll give them a drink of water. That's it. Upper garden, good riddance; future u-pick strawberry patch, welcome.

In order to fully embrace the slothfulness, I've also planted perennials around the bird bath so that I won't have to bother planting next year, and I'm hanging a bird feeder instead of a hanging basket. I may or may not remember to refill the bird feeder after I first hang it up. I reserve the right to leave all birds frustrated and in search of their own meals.

I will be planting tomato plants, and in all the free time I hope to be creating by simplifying the rest of my gardening, I plan to slow roast and freeze as many cherry and grape tomatoes as possible. If luck wins out and peppers and large tomatoes grow well, I'll preserve those for the winter as well.

Time will tell if I'll get around to planting a few things in the square foot gardening system my dad has offered to help me put together; for now I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing. If I get to it, then great, we might have variety squashes. If not, maybe next year.

Or maybe not.

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