Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Make It Work Monday: It's Not Even Monday Anymore for Some of You

Make it Work Monday has been waylaid by my attempt to, well, make this Monday work. There wasn't anything particularly taxing about today, but we did get vaccinations and then we felt we should have a treat, so we went out to dinner, and then I still needed to work out, and...

Did I mention we watched all of Dr. Phil and a good deal of Oprah while waiting to get two measly shots apiece? The people at the travel medicine clinic seemed perfectly nice, but their priority was clearly not on getting things in a timely manner.

Not that I'm complaining. I never get to watch Oprah.

So I guess Monday works after all, and it's all about looking on the bright side. It wasn't a glorious day, but it was a good one. It worked. I hope your Monday worked, too.

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