Saturday, April 17, 2010


Usually I have a thing about balancing my exercise and eating, and basically that "thing" is that I work out really hard so I can eat whatever I want. But today I am so tired that I put my phone in the wrong bag before I left home, stuck my wallet in the wrong bag at work, and had to go back by both places to get anything done. I am tired. So I'm not working out, which means I should probably be eating salad or something, but so far I've snarfed down a grande peppermint mocha, a cheese danish, half a blueberry scone, a brownie, a bowl of couscous, and a piece of cheese. Right now, I am enjoying a frappuccino while sitting firmly on my surely-expanding bottom.

Tomorrow's plans feature a brunch buffet in Nebraska. Omelets! Prime rib! Hours of sitting on that same surely-expanding bottom in the car!

I'll just go ahead and budget for bigger pants right now.

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