Friday, April 16, 2010


My favorite days are the ones I spend at home alone, getting things done. My work hours have decreased lately (a mixed bag of more time and less money), and I find myself with Wednesdays on my own. Wednesday is what allows me to catch up with all the mundane stuff of life here so that on my work days I have an hour or two to transform spaces like this:


to this:


It will take only five more chunks of time and a chunk of money to extend that along the entire side of the house. When that's done, I've got ideas about stairs leading up our hill in the back. Won't it be nice when I don't have to get a running start to get up that hill when it's rained? Taking out the compost will be a lot simpler. So will selling the house.

So much of what we do around here is with our eyes on the future. Someday, we will move away from here. Someday, we will not be the people who are responsible for maintaining a house. Someday, we will be renters.


Jennifer said...

yay for flowers! Anywhere! All the time! Landscaping must be one of my favourite things in the world.

Good job, Mary Jane. Way to make beauty from ashes! (or unremarkable ratty grass house corner)

marymuses said...

Flowers are great fun, and I'll admit that I'll probably have some if I've got outdoor space even as a renter. My favorite planting so far I haven't taken a photo of, but you'll see it soon enough; there's a lovely green planter of pansies on my front porch, and it makes me smile every time I enter and exit my home.