Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary

This will be redundant if you click through and read the outfit details, but I feel I must mention that I slept poorly last night and was too tired to wear something really fancy. This outfit is my new Designated Travel Attire; it feels like pajamas but looks presentable. Add accessories and a cardigan, throw some socks in the carryon, and I'm ready for a long, comfortable (well, as comfortable as one can get in coach) flight. This outfit makes me wish I were planning another trip to Nice. (I'd stay here, in case you're wondering. I mean, really, we'd probably choose a one bedroom that's cheaper, but since this is my dream trip, I'm throwing the dream apartment in there.) (I'd also fly first class.) (Oh, forget it, in my dreams I'd just live in that apartment. It's right above the ice cream shop.)

Wait, was I going to show you a photo or something? Okay, here:

tuesday, april 13, 2010

I also must confess that I fibbed a bit to Mary today, in that way that we all sometimes fib to spare the feelings of others while getting something we desperately want and/or need. I told Mary that I couldn't stay as long as usual because I had a lot to do. She, as always, asked what I had to do, and I told her, "Taxes." Which is true, and I am about to work on them, but the truth is that I left Mary's early because I really needed a nap.

I know.


(But it was glorious.)


Jennifer said...

This is a great outfit! I feel so nerdy! I feel SO mom jeans. You will see shortly. WOW I feel mom jeans. Like, 95% of my clothes are still from high school or hand-me-downs. You may very well see me wearing things you have seen me wearing before!! (so that would be... close to a decade ago! Ack!)

I love the sweater. This is in my top 5 now, with the one with the hat and the irregular hemmed French literary cafe bopper looking skirt. That one takes the cake.

wv: poduk : podunk with nasal congestion

marymuses said...

You are NOT mom jeans.

The top is actually just jersey knit, like a giant t-shirt, but with more style. It is quite comfortable and doesn't seem to stretch out too much as I wear it.

I have some things set aside for you, a skirt and some trousers and...I don't remember what else, but the little stack is growing. So there's that to look forward to in addition to seeing my likely-dirty house and my own shiny face.