Sunday, April 11, 2010

Torn Between Two Lovers Diaper Bags

It's silly the things I'm totally torn between two (or more) choices about. My usual remedy to that is just to buy something and get it over with. So today I bought a diaper bag for our hypothetical baby, and I am pretty sure I'll experience some buyer's remorse, but I clipped all the tags off already because it was an excellent deal ($39 for a $130 bag), it meets all my diaper bag specifications (wipe clean fabric inside and out, plenty of pockets, but not too many, built in clips to hang it from the stroller handle), and if I didn't get this one, I would stew and fret about it and keep a ridiculously expensive bag on our Amazon registry, thus alienating everyone who currently thinks we have a lick of sense (we don't, but we like to create that illusion for the comfort of all involved). So we have a diaper bag, and we will not be getting a different diaper bag, and I will not be fretting about which fabric to choose to make a diaper bag and if I'll even have time and patience to make that diaper bag.

In all consumerist honesty, this little Petunia Picklebottom number is the bag I want most of all. But that's not the bag we'll use; our bag is a Lesportsac with a mouse print, all cute and bright and very functional. So I suppose it's silly that I feel relief that I have a bag, but a little bit sad that it's now official that I will definitely not own a $210 baby bag.

I don't know if you've noticed this about me, but sometimes I am all kinds of ridiculous.

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