Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Change It Up

After making key lime cupcakes for (one of my) book club(s), I got it in my head that I should make a key lime cookie. I imagined it would be fairly dense and coated in confectioner's sugar, much like a Russian tea cake. I was absolutely convinced that I'd seen a recipe like this somewhere, but I searched the entire internet (well, almost) and found only cake-y, flat cookies with lime glaze. Since I wanted to make Russian tea cakes anyway, I figured I'd just try out a recipe, and if it worked out, I'd use it as a base for key lime cookies. On the first try, the recipe I used was declared very good (thanks, Losties), so tonight I set to work turning into something limey. And it was a cinch. Are you ready for my revolutionary recipe changes that turn a nut cookie into something refreshing and citrusy? Here you go:

1. Swap the vanilla for three-ish tablespoons of fresh lime juice (I didn't measure, so, uh, sorry).
2. Add a touch more flour to adjust for the extra liquid. (I just rounded my measuring cups a bit instead of leveling them off.)
3. Swap the chopped nuts for two to three tablespoons of lime zest--or four if you're feeling tangy.

That's it. Bake as directed. The cookies will be a bit softer than the nut version (in which I use pecans, by the way, as I feel they are superior to walnuts), but hold together well and taste fantastic.

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