Monday, May 03, 2010

Make It Work Monday: Impulse Purchases FTW!!!

Tonight I made two dozen cupcakes in advance of tomorrow night's book club, but of course I neglected to check the yield of the recipe, and when I went over it again tonight, it turned out that I'd need to double it to make sure I had enough. Doubling a recipe is no big except when it takes four sticks of butter and you only have three. So between baking the cupcakes and making the frosting, I took a quick trip to Target, figuring I could get both butter and cheap peanut butter for Old Lady Mary.

I can never enter Target, get what I need, and just leave. The moment I step through the doors, something comes over me, and that something is the urge to browse. I meandered through the women's clothing, slipped through baby gear, and found myself in the baking pan section on the way to the conditioner. I went in with the intention of pricing cupcake pans, as having one metal and one silicone is just not cutting it--the silicone is simply crap, and that's all I really have to say about it. As I weighed the pros and cons of spending seven additional dollars to get a slightly better cupcake pan made by Bialetti (under pros I list, "Bialetti is fun to say!" BIALETTI!) or the Chef-Whatever store brand, I noted a display of cake and cookie decorating apparatus nearby. I sidled over. I saw the Nordicware Cupcake Decorator. I couldn't leave without it.

And ladies and gentlemen? It was worth the $8.99 I paid for it. To do this?

i bought a special cupcake decorator, and it has revolutionized my life

It took three seconds, and my hands stayed clean.

My hands never stay clean while frosting cupcakes, and it certainly takes me longer than three seconds to frost each one. If you're a baker of cupcakes or cakes or cookies or anything you want to slather frosting all over without a lot of fuss, this tool will make your job easier. BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!

Well, unless your Target is closed. It appears it's unavailable online.

You can thank me later.

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