Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Judgy McJudgerson

I am in a pissy mood for no good reason, just lots of small, bad ones. For instance, my mortgage company has failed to retain the information of the bank I use to pay them online. Really? I have to re-enter that every time? Also, it frequently gives me a message that it "detected an additonal click of the Pay Now button," which means that it doesn't process the payment at all, nor does it actually say that on the screen. So I have to not only use my psychic powers to know that if it detects a double click, it doesn't accept payment at all, but I also have to re-enter the bank information.

But there are some things that are a bit bigger that I feel compelled to use my powers of judging for. I may as just spit them out and move on. Correct me if I am judging in error.

1. A friend's husband recently left her out of the blue after six years of marriage. She has struggled with depression for years now, so I'm sure that you can imagine that it's quite hard for her. She has requested that her lawyer take over all communication with the soon-to-be-ex-husband, and in the interim, I fielded an e-mail or two so that she wouldn't have to deal with him. He made this big deal about how he's soooo sorry that I have to do this, and how friends shouldn't have to take things like this on and blah blah blah stupidcakes, and you know what? A) When a friend is in need, this is what friends do, and B) I wouldn't have to do this if you hadn't left your wife, moron.

2. We are still waiting to find out if the other family will adopt the baby we requested information about. It's been a little over two weeks since they received the info, and I am confused as to why it is taking this long. I do not blame the agency or the parents, but at the same time, what's the hold up? If you are that unsure as to whether or not you can handle the potential need, why not just allow another family (*ahem*US RIGHT HERE, WE LOVE BABIES*ahem*) to step in? I'm just sayin'. Rainy season court closure is coming right up, and baby girl needs a court date to go home. Why make her wait longer because of your uncertainty. Just give us the baby, people. It'll all be just fine.


I feel better.



cara said...

Please tell me you quoted both A and B to said person because that would C) be awesome.

marymuses said...

Not yet, but soon. I didn't want it to come back to bite the innocent party in the ass. Oh, but someday. Someday...

marymuses said...

Oh, wait, I actually did say A. Just not B. YET.