Friday, June 11, 2010

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary Plus Some Other Stuff

I'd say something along the lines of, "I don't know where this week went," except that I know exactly where it went aside from a couple hours on Wednesday when I am fairly certain I was sitting in front of the computer in a daze. It went to work and a lot of cooking and making wedding mints (Round One of Two or Possibly More Than Two) and running errands and book club and getting caught in a downpour when I forgot where I'd parked my car at Target. I am now pleased to announce that I have all of this evening free, and I'm not sure why I've not showered and changed into pajamas by now. It may have something to do with the fact that I told my husband I'd make dinner.

I have not made dinner yet.

Though I have no doubt I could accomplish it while wearing pajamas.

Anyway, what? Oh, yes, I haven't yet forced upon you a photo of myself wearing an outfit that an elderly woman could barely see. Here you go:

tuesday, june 8, 2010

These past couple of Tuesdays I've either been leaving at the same time as Jarod or dropping him off at work on my way to Old Lady Mary's, so he's taken the photo for me. This works out much better than my usual method of iPhone self-portrait in the full length mirror, particularly since the mirror has a somewhat funhouse quality now that it's been knocked from its perch more than once by a toddler who knows better and waits for me to be draining the pasta to get into things that she is not allowed. The altered mirror now resides in a closet while toddlers are present, and I now look a little clownish in it. But it still works to tell if my shoes look okay with my outfit, so I'll put off getting something new.

Speaking of something new, we will not be adopting a new baby anytime soon. The other family who was reviewing her information did indeed decide to adopt her, so we will continue to wait. Unless Jarod buys into my brand of crazy and we end up considering an older child. My brand of crazy is what landed us a third cat, so I'm fairly certain that this crazy will not be bought or sold or accepted for free. Which is all right since we've launched into summer, and there are plenty of trips coming up without adding a couple to Ethiopia into the mix.

So here we are. Summer. Busy as ever. I've lost my train of thought already. That's okay; I might have lost you already, too.

Happy Weekending, Internet.

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