Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Can Only Keep My Eyes Open for About Twelve More Seconds

I am at the point of exhaustion that makes one feel a little ill, but I just can't go to bed without getting a few more things done. I leave tomorrow for a week away, and for once I'm not taking a laptop. I'll have Jarod's old iPhone (which I refer to as my iNotPhone since it does not have phone service) for checking email and reading a few blogs, but I'm trying to keep it simple for the week. I've got a some quiet projects to work on when there's idle time, but for the most part I'll be hanging out with a couple of kids who are growing up way too fast. I'll also be spending two days in New York City, during which I'll be busy being a museum nerd or wandering the city in search of snacks and snacks and more snacks.

The timing for this trip is excellent. Since we found out about our daughter, I've found it hard to rest because there's just so! much! to! do! This trip will whisk me away from all of the projects on my list aside from making a Mama bunny and Daddy bunny to match this Nola bunny; I've got the supplies to finish that project packed in my suitcase.

lucy and nola's bunny

Because I am heading out on a Tuesday and coming back on a Tuesday, I visited Old Lady Mary today. She's now all stocked up on paper towels and peanut butter. I can be away and not worry that she will run out of something she needs. I'll send her a post card from New York, and she will be thrilled.

She loved today's outfit; you can click on the photo for details.

monday, july 5, 2010

I have nothing left to add; my brain is fried, and it's time for what can only be called a nap before my alarm rings.

Have a wonderful week, internet folks. I'll think of you while I'm drinking iced coffee by the shore and stuffing doughnuts into my mouth in NYC. If you're the artsy type, I'll also think of you while I'm nerding it up in museums. It will be a good week for sure.

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