Monday, August 09, 2010

Autumn Weather, Please Come Early

It turns out that I own seventeen cardigans. Various weights, mind you, and sleeve lengths, and colors, but...seventeen. I also own a number of jackets. I am not revealing that number. Partly because I'm not sure what it is. But it's not seventeen; at least I don't think so. If it is, I have no excuses. I just love fall and winter and spring dressing. And I hate summer dressing. I hate it for numerous reasons, but mostly because I love to layer things up, and in summer the single layer I put on isn't comfortable. So BAH to summer. BAH I say.

And now a question: Anyone else out there tend to weigh more in the summer than in the winter? Or is it just me? The reason I know that I have so many cardigans is that I was going through my clothes, trying to thin out a few more items, and tried on some trousers that were more than a little snug. I was about to toss them into the giveaway pile when I recalled that every summer when I've done a wardrobe evaluation, I've run across trousers and skirts that are snug. And then by fall, they're usually fine. Do any of you experience this phenomenon? Or are you all on your bikini diets and your autumn wardrobe would practically fall right off of you?

For me, summer tends to have as many schedule disruptions as the holiday season, plus there's the added bonus of feeling so hot and wilted that I don't want to move my limbs. We're still in the thick of the heat, but I've decided to give at least two weeks of normal schedule and normal workouts before I declare any clothing too snug and send it off to Goodwill. I do love to donate, but keeping what I've got sure beats buying new. And besides, there's not much room in the budget for buying new. I have a feeling that even if they don't fit in the autumn, I won't replace them. I'll just wear the limited number of items I have and try not to spill as much stuff on my lap.

Or better yet, maybe I'll just refashion some of those cardigans.

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