Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today we found out that there are some people who disapprove of our decision to fundraise for our adoption. I'm going to admit that this hurt my feelings deeply, that it made me angry, that I didn't know what to do or say. It's not like our motives are 100% pure--that's hard to come by as a human being--but we hope that our motives are at least good and inching toward noble. Frankly, we're going to have a beautiful daughter in our lives as a result of this endeavor, so it's not like we are giving up everything to get nothing in return. We're not giving up everything, period. But we are giving up a lot. And we feel like it's kind of rude to catalog everything, because sometimes it sounds a little self-righteous and snooty. But we're giving things up. We've been giving things up. We are taking on the lion's share of the expense, and we are asking for help because we believe that asking for help is better than just saying, "Well, we can't afford this all by ourselves, so we will just forget about it." How can we forget that so many children are parentless? How can we forget that some parents simply cannot provide for their children and want a better life for them? How can we forget the face of a girl who needs a family, who we are welcoming to be a member of ours?

We are asking for help because we know that others believe like we do that children deserve families, but not everyone is equipped to adopt themselves. We are asking for help because there are 147 million orphans in the world, and to remove that title from as many children as possible is the best thing we can do in a horrible situation. We are asking because we know that there are people who believe it is good and right to be part of the solution to the problem, and to have those people as part of our daughter's story is an honor and a privilege.

In a perfect world, all families would be able to provide for their children, no parents would die, and the word orphan would be relegated to fiction. But our world isn't perfect. And adoption isn't a perfect solution, but it's one we hope will at least make things better. Not perfect, not all right all of the time, but better. Better than what life is like now for so many children, better for parents who cannot raise their children and still want a hopeful future for them, better for us because we are so lucky to be bringing home our daughter.

If you would like to partner with us to bring our daughter home, fundraising info is here. If you wouldn't, hey, we won't talk about you behind your back.


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