Friday, August 06, 2010

I Have Some Things to Say

1. So apparently there's some brouhaha over Michelle Obama's trip to Spain, and my opinion is that the reason people are outraged is because she looks so fabulous. I'm not joking. Past first ladies have traveled, and likely their travels have cost as much or more and been charged to the American people, but they all looked sort of matronly. No one questioned cost because it looked so plain and boring, giving the impression of cheap, or at least modest, expenditures. But Michelle Obama is an African American Grace Kelly, and people don't know how to handle that. They assume that if she looks so good, this all must be incredibly expensive. And no matter that she is paying for it herself! We are all too jealous, and someone must complain. Loudly. On Fox News. (Ugh.)

2. I am sometimes in denial of how tired I am, and at these times I lie down for a quick nap and wake up three hours later. That happened today. Good-bye, entire morning! Or rather, hello, sleep that clearly I needed!

3. It took no less than five trips to Walgreen's to finally get the 8x10 enlargement of a new photo of Nola, and she is now staring out at us as we move about the house. Five trips: worth it! Going back to Walgreen's for photo printing: not a chance!

4. I visited Old Lady Mary this week on Wednesday, and there was no sense taking a photo of the outfit I donned before work with three toddlers, which was spilled on before I even left the house. Before I headed over, I spoke to Mary by phone to get her grocery list, and she asked, "How do you look so beautiful in heat like this?" "Mary," I replied, "you won't be asking that after you see the get-up I'm sporting today. It's nothing special." And what do you know, she had nothing to say about what I was wearing. She did, however, pat me soundly on the back for figuring out which cinnamon rolls she wanted me to get. But look, if you say "Best Choice in the red can," I'm going to buy you Best Choice in the red can, and there's no mystery to it. Still, it's nice of her to be so grateful for such small things.

5. There's good news from Ethiopia, and I can't really say much more about it. So if you know me in person, ask me in person. I will spill the beans.

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