Thursday, September 09, 2010

Even My Social Worker Tells Me This is True

I've been a little stressed out lately, not to mention tired. Really, really, really tired. There's a lot to think about and plenty still to do. We are waiting on two things to arrive via post/FedEx, one of which is my passport, which makes me feel very nervous. Add in that the world keeps turning and other people keep having lives which include celebrations and needs, and it's just all too much. Even when I am exhausted, I feel like something is vibrating ever so slightly in my body. There's an edge to everything. But when I'm tired (which is all the time), it makes it hard to figure out what to do when, and the edginess makes it hard to indulge in sleeping in or even taking a good nap in order to help my poor brain function properly. I am constantly mindful of my to do list, of how many people have sent e-mails that I haven't returned, that I forgot to get the same something at Target again. I can't seem to settle myself.

Last night we went out for our anniversary, and we were both tired. I had that vibrating feeling that follows me everywhere, and I thought, "Well, it's our anniversary, and that's something to celebrate, so I will have wine. Of the variety that sparkles." So I ordered a glass, and it was good, and do you know what else? Somewhere in there the vibrating feeling disappeared. I was still exhausted, and I still felt a little overwhelmed at what the next two weeks have in store, but there wasn't frantic energy behind it. Last night, I slept better than I have in weeks, maybe months.

Which is all to say: wine is the answer.

Who knew?

Probably everybody but me.

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