Monday, September 06, 2010

Fall Packing

I am really excited for fall to arrive. I woke up Saturday morning and checked the temperature to see what to wear to work, and was thrilled that I could get away with a three-quarter-length sleeve and actually needed a jacket for the morning hours. I've mentioned before that I love layering, and that I own seventeen cardigans, so I am ready for this. This may sound super silly, but I find myself grateful that we are bringing our daughter home to cooler temperatures because I feel so much cuter in my layers than in what I throw on to combat the swelter of summer, and I want to be a cute mom.

The great thing about Addis Ababa is that the weather is fairly steady, topping out in the seventies during the day and getting down below fifty at night. I think we all know that this is perfect weather for a little cardigan wearing, and I am thrilled. I think every day about what I'll pack, and with seventeen cardigans*, it's a challenge. I can't pack them all. I'm trying to narrow it down to three, which will be mixed and matched over four or five shirts, which will be mixed and matched with two pairs of jeans and one pair of trousers. I also have two dressy outfits planned, which may require a separate cardigan, which I won't count in the three allotted cardigans because, duh, it's not part of my mix-and-match scheme, so it doesn't count! Right? Everyone please agree.

I know it's silly to pack so far ahead, to think so hard about it, as if what I wear in Ethiopia and if I feel cute enough matters at all, but it's something I enjoy, and it's something to do when I am feeling really far away from my little girl, so I'm doing it. In case you are wondering, of course I've got our daughter's bag packed already, with outfits folded neatly together. I hope she likes layers, too.

And hats.

I really hope she likes hats.

(Nineteen days until we blow this popsicle stand, by the way. NINETEEN. DAYS. I am right to be feeling anxious, aren't I?)

*I feel a little ashamed to own so many cardigans; it feels decadent and wasteful. I have no reasonable excuse for it, either. Shameful!

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